CES 2017: MatchUpBox redefines the digital customer relationship with Pikcio

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most important event in the world dedicated to technological innovation and electronics, will be held from January 5th - 8th, 2017 in Las Vegas. The French startup MatchUpBox, supported by Sud de France Développement, will launch Pickio, a smart services platform that protects its users’ personal data. Pikcio allows individuals and companies using the application to access the MatchUpBox proprietary network to exchange data in a confidential and decentralized way, outside the cloud.

MatchUpBox network: users host themselves their data!
Some history: in 2014 MatchUpBox – a network operator specialized in the personal data treatment – developed a trusted and secure network for the storage and the exchange of personal data between institutions and individuals. This Peer2Peer architecture network, is decentralized and fully distributed in a way that data aren’t stored in the cloud or within any other third party storage. MatchUpBox network has similarities with the blockchain technology. Thanks to this, data is entirely owned by users, without any central entity of control. Data transfers can be done safely and in total transparency without an intermediary.

“Internet users want solutions related to the fact that their personal data is retrieved and reused without their consent. Our innovative solution is different from the cloud because our network doesn’t store the data on third party servers.”
MatchUpBox CEO Didier Collin de Casaubon says.

Two years later, MatchUpBox has developed Pikcio, an application connected to the network and downloadable on their website. Pikcio helps professionals to safely and smartly interact with their users (instant chat messaging, emails, audio, video, files sharing, chatbot, etc…). MatchUpBox a­pplies an end-to-end encryption to all communications, without any “profiling” or data sharing with third parties. Free for end-users, Pikcio licence fees are charged monthly or annually to companies.

“Today, one in two users don’t proceed to online payment because lack of trust in the service. If you visit a bank website with Pikcio, none knows; neither your search engine nor your internet provider. Everything is controlled by our users, in an anonymous way. Through the app, Pikcio users can control and manage their data from social networks or connected devices for instance. Companies can ensure a qualitative and non-intrusive customer relationship by protecting their clients’ privacy."
Didier Collin de Casaubon says.

Pikcio, the next generation of the customer relationship, handled by consumers
Pikcio is a real technological breakthrough and can be defined as the new generation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in which the customer is the instigator of the relationship. In a network managed by the client, he stays in control his data and his digital identity (all data is physically stored within his device). The application also helps the user to use data in a smart way. The Pickionaute can retrieve and centralize personal information that is today scattered across the web (social networks, connected devices, banking services, etc.), and decide to share this information with people or companies he trusts. Data then “feeds” the artificial intelligence Pikcio which will support the user with smart searches, based on preferences/available data retrieved within the application. The more Pikcio knows about the user, the more the user can benefit from a range of personalised services. Based on the Pikcionaute’s personal information, Pikcio matches offers that fit him best. The artificial intelligence can take care of form-filling (contracts, guarantee…) via chatbots. On the company side, Pikcio provides a strong and transparent customer experience. The application changes the way companies interact with their clients by providing a more effective and sustainable way to manage client portfolios; associated with a smarter and a more personalized prospection based on qualitative and diversified data.

“Pikcio is the only application today that offers a smart alternative to internet users’ current online activities. Our application faces the new challenges related to the digitalization of the customer relationship, as well as the tighter international regulations about personal data’s protection.”
Didier Collin de Casaubon concludes.

Implemented instantly, without significant investments, and in perfect synchronization with current infrastructures, Pikcio is mainly designed for three primary sectors that manage sensitive data: healthcare, banking and insurance, and the Internet of Things. In these industries, the customers’ privacy, as well as a high level of data security, are essential to build a qualitative a customer relationship.

About MatchUpBox:
Founded in 2014, MatchUpBox has developed Pikcio, a secure communication environment for companies and brands, to interact smartly with their customers. By entrusting the management of their personal data to clients, they are more willing to share qualitative and up-to-date information. Thanks to Pikcio, companies boost their customer knowledge and better tailor their offers. MatchUpBox is a member of FrenchTech Hub (Boston), PDEC (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium) and IAPP. MatchUpBox was also finalist of the 3D Fintech Challenge 2016, supported by Dassault Systèmes. In 2016 the startup launched in 2016 a 1 million € fund raising campaign to finance Pikcio project.

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