The new version of Pikcio app is now online!

New interface, new features, and still a full protection of your personal data!

Pikcio app, developed by MatchUpBox, has a new look! Download now, and for free, the updated version of the Beta!

Discover the new design and intuitive interface!

The new Pikcio version, it’s also new features:
  • Smart calendar: Don’t loose anymore time in planning a meeting! Pikcio artificial intelligence automatically matches your availabilities with your contacts’ ones for an effortless scheduling.
  • Trust score: By connecting the various online identities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…), each Pikcionaute is given a trust score: Trust Capital Index. You can also make your contacts’ scores growing up by vouching for them. Choose well! You have a limited number of vouch.
  • Replicant (voicemail): We don’t use any third party storage such as server, but we want to provide a high quality service similar with centralised messaging platform. That’s why you can now choose among your contacts who will store your messages when you will be offline. Of course your contact won’t have access to your messages and the content is fully encrypted.

With Pikcio, you can still communicate with your contacts in perfect confidentiality (encrypted communications, file sharing ...), you can search online without being tracked thanks to Qwant web browser integration and manage you passwords to never forget them anymore!

Of course, Pikcio still keeps your data safe within your device, and... nowhere else!!

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